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Family Law Mediation Services In The Bellingham Area

Divorce, custody and other family law disputes don’t have to result in lengthy court battles. Mediation offers another path to resolving these issues in a respectful, peaceful manner.

I’m Kathryn Resnick, a family law attorney and mediator at Kathryn D. Resnick, Attorney at Law. I’m passionate about facilitating win-win resolutions for couples and families facing complex legal issues. I understand the tremendous impact family law cases can have on your life, both in the immediate future and over the long run. My goal is to empower people so they can have a say in the decisions that will shape their lives – and their children’s lives – for a long time to come.

The Many Benefits Of Mediation

Why consider mediation for your family law case? It offers numerous benefits. For example:

  • It provides a much faster, more efficient and less costly method of resolving family law issues.
  • It’s far less stressful and provides peace of mind throughout the process – unlike court, which can be extremely stressful.
  • It shields children from the detrimental effects of a toxic divorce or bitter custody battle.
  • It gives you power over shaping the outcome, rather than handing that power over to a judge – essentially, a stranger who doesn’t know your kids or your family.
  • It’s confidential, meaning the information you share in mediation can’t be used later in court if your case doesn’t settle.
  • It’s solutions-focused rather than adversarial in nature.

As a facilitator, I excel at helping people find common ground. I build upon those commonalities to craft suggestions for win-win arrangements that both parties can feel good about.

Learn More About My Mediation Services

Let’s talk about your family law case and whether mediation is right for you. Call 360-738-3636 to schedule an initial consultation. Alternatively, you can also reach me through the website.